The company Stollmobile was founded in 1999 in Munich. My company policy is clearly defined. You are looking for a special car which I will find for you within a short time at a reasonable and fair price. My service includes also getting all documents for the registration in your country. Due to my experiences and international contacts which I collected even before founding my company I will be a competent and reliable partner for you. My aim is to build up a good working partnership, where I support you with a variety of services so that you can focus on your business.


Your requested car will be found promptly:

Due to my long-lasting contacts to retailers, car rents,... I am able to offer you cars in a quick and uncomplicated way and at a reasonable price. Just send me your request and I will send you an offer.

Preparation of the necessary car documents:

For uncomplicated registration in your country I will arrange all the necessary documents that are needed for the export.

Car-spareparts, Car Preparation, Car Repair, Spraying:

Briefeintragungen, Zollnummerm, Zulassungsdienste, ... -due to my long-lasting good contacts I can fulfil every desire you have in a prompt way and at a reasonable price. This service is also at your disposal independent buying a car from Stollmobile.

Transportation worldwide:

Car transportation will be arranged punctually and reliably to you. Delivery can be arranged also at short notice. This service is also at your disposal independent buying a car from Stollmobile.

A Service that is appreciated by regular customers:

Even if you have already found your car I can offer you an additional service! Just send me the details of your car and I will coordinate everything for you. My regular customers have been appreciating this service since a long time. Your advantage is having a reliable partner in Germany that coordinates everything for you.
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